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July 2015


Vitus is a platform that was invented and developed by my sister Semmie and I, with which people can find their match with pets based on their personal preferences and living environment (family members, housing, etc). It introduces ranked search for pets in animal shelters. We call the module “Matchmaker”, and it calculates a score for each pet, based on the answers you provide in a questionnaire used in different animal shelters. The pets with the best scores are then recommended to you. The platform currently offers over 500 adoptable pets, 250 ambassadors that support our cause and the Matchmaker has been used over 2.500 times already. Also, the project is non-profit. Recently I have developed apps for Android and iOS using the Ionic-framework. The app has a nifty graphics-component that uses the PIXI-library to render photos of pets at random speeds, rotation and direction throughout the screen (see first screenshot below).



  • App architecture
  • App development
  • API integration


  • Hybrid Ionic app
  • Facebook login
  • Pixi

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